Friday, July 8, 2011

Featured Artist - Jen Siegrist - Milford Ohio

Two Bottles
Q How long have you been sewing, and when did you start making art quilts?
A I have been sewing since the age of three. I have been quilting for thirteen years and making art quilts for 7 years.
Q Describe your art and inspirations.
A I am mainly inspired by the natural world, but moving more towards art and images that invoke thought and conversation.
Q Where do you create most of your art
A My entire house is my studio.
Q What are your goals?
A I'd love to have a regular gallery show. Not just one for fiber art but to truly have my textile art gain acceptance as an art form.
Q Do you teach, lecture or make a business out of your art?

A I teach people who say they aren't artistic. I do compete nationally, and the bulk of my business is in custom work.
Q Where can your work be seen?
A All of my pieces are at home at the moment. I haven't entered anything this year so far. I have been focused on current commissions. My gallery of available work is in my home.

Jen's work can also be viewed on her website,

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